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Etiquette for Beanies

What is a Beanie?

If you love vanilla beans, you are a Beanie.  It is a term of endearment and one that we proudly claim.  Beanies not only love vanilla beans and all things vanilla, but we love our fellow Beanies.  We especially love sharing what we are doing with our beans and seeing what others are doing with theirs.  If there is anything lovely or of good report about vanilla beans, we want to yak about it for sure. 

How do I ask questions?

You’re in the right place!  The FAQ section is where to go first to try to find an answer to your question.  Next, do a search on the Group page by using the little magnifying glass icon and typing in a few words.  Chances are, whatever your question is, it has been asked before.  

If all else fails, post a question to the group, and get ready for a ton of answers!

How can I get or give help?

Indri's Vanilla Bean Group is a happy and friendly place.  We depend on and appreciate any help you can give to your fellow Beanies.  Respond with comments on posts, but always remember to keep it kind.  We also have a mentoring program in the Facebook group where you can either volunteer as a mentor or ask for someone to mentor you.  Click on “Mentorship” on the top of the page.     

Why was my post not approved or my comment deleted?

Indri's Vanilla Bean Group is a busy place, and we have a small and wonderful group of moderators who help keep things organized and easy to read.  We don’t approve every post because it would overwhelm the page. In order to keep the newsfeed more streamlined, we often tag you in a post where your question has been answered or direct you to post your excitement in a place with others like it.   Don't feel bad if your post is declined - we LOVE to hear from you! (Post a delicious photo of a vanilla treat for a sure-fire way to get approved. ;) )

Comments or posts that use foul language, are political, or hateful in any way will be removed.

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