Our Vanilla Beans

We work hard to offer the best quality beans available.

Most of the beans we sell are grade A, which means at least 13 cm long.  If they are other than grade A, that will be indicated on the group order form or on the website.  We do sometimes get shorter “extract grade” beans that are slightly less expensive but make equally good vanilla extract.  If you are looking for extra-long beans, you can look for the “gourmet” length beans on the retail site.

IndriVanilla Cares about farmers.

We use fair trade practices, paying the asking price for our vanilla beans.  We vet our reputable suppliers to connect directly with farmers.  We avoid using “spice traders” and we allow farmers and suppliers to set their own price structure so they can earn a livable wage.

One thing we love is knowing that our pooled money is going straight to the farmers and workers in some of the poorest areas of the world, in a way that benefits so many people.

Are these beans organic?

Vanilla orchids are too tender to handle any pesticides, so they're always organic, even if the certification is too expensive for most farmers to buy.

Two ways to buy beans.

There are two ways to buy beans.  The first way is to make a retail order here on IndriVanilla.com.  The second is to join Indri's Vanilla Bean Group on Facebook.  Indri's Vanilla Bean Group is a bunch of vanilla-minded people pooling our purchasing power to order vanilla beans in bulk.  The best prices we offer will always be through the group, but because it is a group order, and sometimes the beans are still on the vine, orders take longer to arrive. Group orders are shipped to you in plastic zip top bags. Ordering from the retail site is more expensive, but the beans are vacuum sealed and ship within about 3 business days, rather than the longer turnaround time of pre-orders.