Indri's Vanilla Bean Group Resources

This is a resource page for members of Indri's Vanilla Bean Group.  We host this group on Facebook as a forum for sharing information about all things vanilla.  We also use this group to make large, discounted group orders of vanilla beans.  Have a question that is not addressed by our resources? Please email and we'll connect with you as soon as possible!

Order Now


Buy beans from the current group order. Also find the payment link for an order you still need to pay.
Order Lookup

Look-up YOUR recent group orders (What did I order? Did I pay? Is my order shipping yet? Is my address right?)

Group Order Status

Status of all Current and Upcoming Group Orders (What can I order next? When did we last order that bean?)

Extract Results

See Community Extract Results and share yours.  Which alcohol should I use with these beans?

Email Sign-up

Sign up for email notifications about upcoming orders and sales. Be the first to know!

Product Links

See and order products that our Facebook group friends use and recommend.

Bean Fairy

Sly's Bean Fairy Fund, donate or nominate someone in need of vanilla beans.


Vanilla Bean Profiles (what does that bean look or smell like? How many beans in an ounce?)


Vanilla Glossary (Learn the lingo)

New Beanies Help Check here for help if you are a New Bean or if this is your first-time ordering.



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