Portraits by the three-year-old Junior Partner

  • Sara

    Sara is the president and CEO of IndriVanilla. She is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, auntie, and caring person. She supports good causes, including teaching elementary school strings, and loves her family and garden. She has fingers and toes.

  • Eric

    Eric is technical and infrastructure specialist for IndriVanilla. He's the spouse, dad, brother-in-law, counselor, and chief support architect for the whole operation. He calls himself the janitor. Note that Eric is driving the van.

  • Inspector #12

    Any of 15 different cousins who help out around the place. They only do what they are trained to do (e.g., seal purple mailers and put smiley face stamps on order sheets). They don't handle vanilla beans unless they have a current food handler's permit.

  • Kathryn

    Kathryn is part of our admin team. She frequently comments on our facebook group and helps troubleshoot orders and customer questions. The artist wants you to know that she has nice lips.

  • Lisa

    Lisa is your favorite admin who __ (fill in the blank with something unique from the other admins) a bean wrangler, and teaches piano to some of the cousins. The picture shows her "welaxing in the sun".

  • Kristin

    Kristin is part of the admin team. She's married to the Fifield sisters' brother. She is an order troubleshooter, payment matcher and invoicer. The artist says she is "pwetending to be a witch. She's not weally a witch, just pwetending."

  • Cody

    Cody helps manage the back end technology that runs Indri's Vanilla Bean Group and operates our group orders. Notice that he has two legs and two arms, his face is dark because he's working on the computer.

  • Laurie

    Laurie is the Grandma and one of our bean wranglers. She keeps track of the retail orders and inventory. She's wearing a hair net in this picture as she always does when handling beans.

  • Bryce

    Bryce is the Grandpa. He has a very special relationship with the artist and her 14 other cousins. He also makes the wood blocks and the gift crates. He's wearing an IndriVanilla baseball cap.

  • Jamie

    Jamie is one of our bean wranglers. She has a pony tail. We're not sure why she doesn't have any arms - probably because she is working so fast and the artist got distracted by the pony tail.

  • Rachel

    Rachel is one of our bean wranglers. The artist told us she was carrying a bucket of water to put out a fire. Let us know if you can see it.

  • The artist

    The artist likes to use the Inspector #12, heart and smiley face stamps on orders, especially when Grandpa is around to encourage it.

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