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Indri's Vanilla Bean Group Practices

Good Behavior

Abuse of group Admins or Moderators is not allowed and will be met with removal from the group. Mutual understanding is required. We try our best to give good customer service, but this is a group purchase opportunity, not our retail business, so please do not abuse that privilege and the great prices you find here. Always read the directions on forms and follow them carefully. Kindness is always appreciated.

Weights and Measures

All orders are filled using kitchen scales. By ordering, you accept that the scales used are - to the best of our knowledge - accurate. We check the calibrations on them regularly, but they are still standard scales. Moisture loss is something that does happen (especially in warmer weather). If you have beans that have lost more than ½ ounce per 4 ounces of beans in transit, contact Sara Fifield Anderson. If your order is short, you must contact the admin team for a solution prior to processing the beans. We will need photos, so don’t do anything until we have gotten back to you.

Lost Mail/Shipping info

If your order seems to be lost in the mail (tracking has not updated for a while) please contact your local post office first and file a missing package claim with USPS. If the package goes a full 3 weeks (6 weeks for International Orders) without a tracking update, contact the admin team and we will look into it further. We guarantee the beans will arrive to you without mold. If they do have mold on them upon arrival (The day you get them from the mail) take a picture and contact Sara Fifield Anderson and we will find you a solution (Either re-ship the beans or offer a refund). We ship via USPS First Class mail for all shipments less than 15 ounces, which does not have insurance, but is significantly more affordable than any other shipping option. Due to the lack of insurance, we will cover the beans if they are permanently lost or arrive damaged. Typically, we will issue a refund if they are lost or damaged.


If you need to cancel a pre-order when the order form is still open, we can do that - use the Order Lookup link at the top of this page to cancel your order.  If the order form has closed, it is too late to cancel your order as we have already made a commitment to the suppliers to purchase those beans. If you have an extreme situation (job loss, sickness, death, etc.), contact us, as some exceptions can be made.


All orders are filled in Sara’s home. She does her absolute best to keep allergens limited when vanilla beans are exposed (covering them before baking anything with flour, etc.) and fills orders on a separate countertop away from any crumbs or other food items. However, she does consume all allergens in her home, including gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, etc. If you are extremely sensitive to certain allergens, send Sara a Facebook message, and she will be happy to tell you more about the measures we take to prevent cross contamination so that you can decide if you would like to order or not. I guess the right declaration is “Processed in a facility that also processes wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, etc.”

No Reselling of Beans

We do not allow direct reselling of beans purchased through a group buy.  However, feel free to make things with your beans or vanilla extract and sell those products as you choose.

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