Help for New Beanies

Welcome to the vanilla bean rabbit hole.  This is a great place to start if this is your first "group" order of vanilla beans.

First up:  Your vanilla beans from IndriVanilla have been quality inspected by hand.  We also give them a quick rinse in rum to help delay any mold growth.  We use rum because it is free of the top common allergens.  Our workspace is food-free and only used for packaging vanilla beans.

Unfortunately, sometimes something slips through so give your beans a quick once over.  Watch for any foreign objects (remember that vanilla beans are handled an average of 2000 times during the growing, curing, and shipping process) or signs of spoilage, which is white or yellow, fuzzy patches on the beans.  If there are any problems, please reach out to one of our admins.  We especially appreciate photos so we can troubleshoot with you.

You can safely store these vanilla beans in their bag for a week or so, and we guarantee them during transit to you, but the zip-top bags that we use for shipping group orders within the United States are not appropriate for long-term storage.  Please don't store them in the refrigerator or freezer.  The best way to store vanilla beans is submerged in 80-100 proof liquor, like vodka or rum.  They can be stored whole and used for caviar later, and the alcohol will begin turning into extract.  If you do not wish to make extract, vacuum sealing vanilla beans can preserve them for several months longer.  Another option is to dehydrate the vanilla beans.  Whatever you decide to do, remember that your vanilla beans will return whatever love you give them triplefold.  Don't keep them waiting.

 If you have any questions, our Facebook group is a wealth of information.  These FAQs are free for everyone and available 24/7 for your perusal (or to help you fall asleep at night).  Our friendly admin team is happy to help, and you can email us at  We hope you enjoy your vanilla beans, and that you proudly wear the title "Beanie!"