Sly's Bean Fairies

What is a "Bean Fairy"?  

A “Bean Fairy” contributes funds that we use to send a gift of vanilla beans to those in difficult circumstances or who have fallen on hard times. It's a wonderful opportunity to think of others and send a gift that will brighten someone's day! It's hard not to smile when holding a package of fragrant vanilla beans. This special bean fairy fund was created in honor of one of our most active, kind, and helpful group members, Sly Otypka. Sly does not want any gifts or donations, but we did convince her to let us pay forward her goodness. Gifts will be sent anonymously with a note, "Gift from Sly's Bean Fairies."

How to become a Bean Fairy

A contribution to the Bean Fairy Fund can be made specifically for a certain individual (please email to coordinate that gift) or it can be made to the general bean fairy fund. Donations in any amount are welcome! One hundred percent of your donation is used specifically for sending bean gifts to those who have been nominated. Click the link below to send your donation.

Nominate a Gift Recipient

You can nominate a person to receive a Bean Fairy gift by using the nomination form linked below. Gifts will average 2-4 oz of beans. A nomination is not a guarantee of a vanilla bean delivery but rather an opportunity to think generously of others. Nominations need not be limited to group members, nor do they require contact information, though it is helpful if you’re able to provide it. We can contact nominees and request shipping information as needed. Donations are not required to nominate someone. If the nominations outnumber the donations, we may temporarily close the nomination form, but we will open it again as soon as the Bean Fairy Fund has gifts to share!

Nomination Form


 The Bean Fairy drawing above was done by Admin Lisa's daughter Annalisa Sheffer, age 14.