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Indonesia, Alor Island, V. planifolia Vanilla Beans 100% Organic

Indonesia, Alor Island, V. planifolia Vanilla Beans 100% Organic

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Indonesia is a stunning country comprised of over 18,000 islands, at least 6,000 of which are inhabited, so it makes sense that the vanilla beans from this amazing country are equally diverse! As we researched and handled this offering from Alor Island, Indonesia, we noticed distinct differences from our original Indonesian V. planifolia vanilla beans. First, these beans are 100% Certified Organic. Second, their flavor profile is unique, with complex layers of earthy worn leather, smoky molasses, and dense baking chocolate atop their dark vanilla base. Third, their texture is drier and less plump than our standard V. planifolia from Indonesia, yielding a more concentrated flavor in extract or paste application. They are grade A beans, over 13 centimeters in length and pliable, and average 8 beans per ounce.

Beans purchased by the ounce will be shipped in a selection of one or two ounce vacuum bags to make up the total number of ounces ordered.

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