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Madagascar Bourbon Cure V. planifolia Vanilla Beans

Madagascar Bourbon Cure V. planifolia Vanilla Beans

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Say hello to the world's most popular and plentiful vanilla bean variety! Dark, pliable, and soft, these Madagascar V. planifolia Bourbon cured vanilla beans are perfect for use in desserts, for vanilla sugar, or extract. The aroma is classic vanilla, enriched with our favorite hints of cream, caramel, and butter. This variety are grade A, at least 13 cm in length.  They are cured using the Bourbon method which refers to the Bourbon Islands, not a type of alcohol. Approximately 8-10 beans per ounce.

These beans have a “4 ounce” option, giving you a savings over the single ounce price.

Recent Indri's Vanilla Bean group buy orders for Madagascar Bourbon Grade A vanilla beans include "Q," "Zefram," and "Elderberry." 

Beans purchased by the ounce will be shipped in a selection of one or two-ounce vacuum bags to make up the total number of ounces ordered. The "four-ounce" option will be four ounces in one vacuum sealed package.

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Love this company. Great information on their site. Beans always exceptional.


Fast, fresh, and exactly as advertised.


I would love to thank you. Even though there was an issue with the address, you managed to fix it and ship it to the correct address. The product got to me promptly.