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Brazil V. chamissonis Vanilla Beans

Brazil V. chamissonis Vanilla Beans

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Simply put, Brazil V. chamissonis are the most spectacular vanilla beans we have encountered.  Aside from their enormous size and width, these beans will blow you away with their strong, cherry, almond, and cinnamon vanilla aroma.  Get swept away into memories of marzipan, streusel, and sweet cherry cordials. 

We can't package these by the ounce because we would have to cut the beans. "Large" packages will be approximately one ounce, "Jumbo" packages will have a bean in the one to two ounce range, and "Super Jumbo" will include beans larger than two ounces. Some of the packages may contain two beans. 

Brazil V. chamissonis are extremely rare and hard for us to get.  We have limited stock, and cannot easily get more. 



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