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Burundi V. planifolia Vanilla Beans

Burundi V. planifolia Vanilla Beans

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Burundi is a small African nation, situated in the Great Rift Valley between the African great lakes and eastern Africa. Burundi's history is gripped with poverty, war, and unrest, and Burundi is classified as the world's poorest nation by GDP per capita. Here at IndriVanilla, we seek to help bolster economies world wide by paying fair market, and we feel privileged to have an opportunity to promote vanilla beans from this beloved country. 

Burundi V. planifolia vanilla beans are easy to love, with their classic, creamy-caramel vanilla flavor, featuring hints of sweet potato, toffee, chocolate, and warm spice. These beans are classified as extract grade, and beans may be split or slightly dry. They are long and wide, and will make rich, versatile vanilla extract.

 About 7-8 beans per ounce.

These rare beans will go in and out of stock.

To save on packaging, beans purchased by the ounce will be shipped in a selection of one or two-ounce vacuum bags to make up the total number of ounces ordered.

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