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Colombia V. planifolia Vanilla Beans

Colombia V. planifolia Vanilla Beans

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Colombia V. planifolia beans are fragrant, fresh, and delightful! Their unique flavor profile is sweet, fruity, tangy, with a hint of spice, and remind us of mango dusted with chile lime salt, but with a vanilla complexity that we can't get enough of. We recommend pairing it with a neutral alcohol like white rum, vodka, or diluted grain alcohol for an extract that will enhance your desserts, but also any sweet heat application, like sauces, marinades, or the best sweet potato casserole you've ever tried. This variety of vanilla bean averages 8-10 beans per ounce.

These rare beans will go in and out of stock.

To save on packaging, beans purchased by the ounce will be shipped in a selection of one or two-ounce vacuum bags to make up the total number of ounces ordered.

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