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Cookbook: The IndriVanilla Vault - two options

Cookbook: The IndriVanilla Vault - two options

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We hope you enjoy putting your vanilla beans to good use by testing the recipes in this collection. We’ve tested them all ourselves and if you’re a vanilla “beanie” like us, this may quickly become one of your most often referenced cookbooks. 

You have two options for purchasing this book.  

PERFECT $20.00 direct from the printer

Order a perfect copy for $20.00 plus shipping from our friends at Lulu at this link:

NOT QUITE PERFECT $18.00 shipped from

We thought the book was finished when we went to press, but the last update, which only affected the index, had not been sent in.  As a result, we have a few copies that have an index that doesn't match up with the page numbers in the book.  You can purchase a copy of this "not quite perfect" cookbook at a lower price here on  We will include the five pages of index printed single sided on regular paper along with your book.

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