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DIY Vanilla Paste Kit

DIY Vanilla Paste Kit

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Vanilla Bean Variety

Vanilla paste is a great way to add the amazing flavor of fresh vanilla beans to your recipes, without the long wait for vanilla extract! It's also really fun and easy to make. With this kit, you'll have the key ingredients and knowledge you need to make your own delicious vanilla paste. Retail valued at over $60!

This DIY Vanilla Paste Kit comes with:

  • 4 ounces of vanilla beans--our favorite for making vanilla paste is Papua New Guinea V. planifolia
  • 20 grams of xanthan gum--a common ingredient for thickening vanilla paste so that the caviar remains suspended in the blend
  • a label to easily identify your vanilla paste
  • a card with QR codes to three of our most popular Vanilla Paste recipes

Depending on the recipe you use, 4 ounces of vanilla beans is enough for 2-4 cups, 16-32 ounces, or approximately 450-900 grams of vanilla paste. 20 grams of xanthan gum is enough for several batches of vanilla paste. Information about the shelf life and storage of your vanilla paste can be found in the individual recipes.

 More about the vanilla bean variety options:

  • Papua New Guinea V. planifolia has a rich, classic vanilla flavor profile with a warm fruity undertone that we love in Vanilla Paste.
  • Madagascar Bourbon cure V. planifolia vanilla beans are the world's most popular vanilla variety. With a familiar, vanilla-forward flavor, it's great in any application.
  • Papua New Guinea V. tahitensis is a different plant species than the other options listed here. Consequently, it has a brighter, sweeter, flavor profile that lends particularly well to cream or fruit based desserts, especially when paired with white rum.
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