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Guatemala V. cribbiana Vanilla Beans

Guatemala V. cribbiana Vanilla Beans

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Think all vanilla beans are the same? Think again! This rare find from Guatemala is totally different from any other vanilla variety we've encountered. Short, oily beans have an aroma reminiscent of roasted chiles, smooth cacao, and toasted pepitas, like a complex and savory mole sauce--all floating over a soft, warm vanilla base. This variety is particularly well-suited to rich baked goods and darker alcohol choices if making extract. 

The high moisture content of the beans may lead to some splitting during the vacuum sealing process.

Guatemala V. cribbiana, approximately 10 beans per ounce.

This product may go in and out of stock.

To save on packaging, beans purchased by the ounce will be shipped in a selection of one or two-ounce vacuum bags to make up the total number of ounces ordered.

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