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Israel cured, Uganda grown V. planifolia, from Vanilla Vida

Israel cured, Uganda grown V. planifolia, from Vanilla Vida

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What an incredible vanilla bean this is! We are amazed at these V. planifolia vanilla beans, grown in Uganda, but carefully cured and treated in Israel for a truly unique and special vanilla bean. We are excited to work in partnership with Vanilla Vida for this variety. This variety is incredibly high in vanillin content, boasting up to 4 times the vanillin of other V. planifolia varities. In fact, it is so high in vanillin, that prominent, feathery vanillin crystals have formed on the majority of the beans. The aroma is beautifully balanced, with nutty, sweet notes like sugared hazelnuts, toasted marshmallow, and fudge. They are truly one of a kind!

These rare beans will go in and out of stock.

To save on packaging, beans purchased by the ounce will be shipped in a selection of one or two-ounce vacuum bags to make up the total number of ounces ordered.

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Customer Reviews

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Steven McFee
The vanilla crystals, oh my!

These beans were beautiful and full of crystals. I am so excited for the extract from these. I definitely need to get more of them.

Marylu L
Glitzy beans!

These beans are gorgeous! So full of crystals - even had a couple pinches of loose ones at the bottom of the bag! Have never seen any quite like this one! Anxious for end result!

Karen Reznek
Amazing beans!

My beans were positively white with sparkly vanillin crystals. And the scent was indescribable. My family goes through a lot of Ugandan vanilla (takes anything chocolate up a level, and my husband adds it to his coffee concentrate), and I suspect these will take Ugandan vanilla to new heights.

My husband and I have been leaving the bags under our pillows during the day for lovely, vanilla-scented pillows. Waiting a year for this extract is going to be hard.

Cindy Bishop
Special Beans!

Wow! I couldn't believe how much sparkle these beans had. Most, if not all had sparkle and feathery crystals. In addition to that, they nice size plump beans. I think these are really special. In fact I just ordered 3 ounces more.