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New Caledonia V. pompona

New Caledonia V. pompona

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New Caledonia is a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean, to the east of Australia, that has a "sui generis" governmental status--meaning unique or special, as this country slowly transitions from a territory to its own nation. We think that "sui generis" perfectly describes the vanilla beans this beautiful area produces. New Caledonia is not a large producer of vanilla beans, so these beans are exceptionally rare. This V. pompona variety is short and plump (typical for V. pompona), but has a surprising and wonderful aroma of roasted strawberries and balsamic honey reduction. Be prepared for a sweet, tangy adventure that is certainly "sui generis!"

Short and plump, 3 to 5 beans per ounce.

These beans are very rare and we may not be able to restock when our supply is gone.

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