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Peru V. pompona Vanilla Beans

Peru V. pompona Vanilla Beans

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These V. pompona vanilla beans from Perú are rare and so interesting! They are much larger than other types of vanilla beans, having a thick, wide pod. They grow natively in Perú and are pollinated by bees. They have fragrance notes that are very floral and raisin-like. A wonderful addition to any vanilla bean stash! Purchase of these beans supports the native farmers who grow them. Because they are grown in their native environment they are a very sustainable option! Some beans may be split--this is common with the V. pompona variety. Size varies greatly from bean to bean, and can weigh in at 1 to 4 beans in an ounce.
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Customer Reviews

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Marsha Goodman
I'm thrilled with my Peruvian beans

These gorgeous beans are posh in themselves, and the way they arrived, so beautifully packaged and sealed was in keeping with the luxury brought by the beans. As I processed them I was so overwhelmed with the glory of the aroma that I immediately ordered another 4 ounces so I may have twice as much extract. My personal experience is that these babies do best with a two-year extraction so I know I have a bit of a wait. That's fine by me - the wait is worth the incredible result.


I received 3 pods that were very full and sticky . Would definitely purchase again .


Peru v Pompona beans are EXCELLENT. They are the strongest and warmest vanilla beers I’ve ever smelled. I put together three containers of extract. They’re so strong I was using for extract in a couple of weeks. It’s magnificent, already! Highly recommended


Soft plump & oily. Very pungent, earthy, raisin smell. After a week in Sp.rum it has mellowed into a rich vanilla smell.