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Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world.  The stigma of a crocus flower, open only a few days each year, is carefully hand-picked.  One small crocus flower may produce three to ten saffron threads.  

This highly sought after and prized spice is featured often in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.  The red of the Saffron thread adds a beautiful golden hue to rice and other dishes.  Saffron has a rich and savory flavor profile with an earthy aroma of soft leather, hot sandstone on a rainy day, chased with exotic after-tones of clover, honey and home.

This Saffron was purchased from a Grower's co-op in Afghanistan.  This Co-op is committed to Fair Trade; encouraging and supporting Afghanistan farmers to cultivate saffron rather than poppy; making authentic and natural Afghani saffron accessible to chefs and foodies; and building schools for children of Afghanistan by returning a portion of their profits to educational charities.

 Category I, Sold in 5 gram or 1 ounce packages. 5 grams is $20, or $4/gram, and 1 ounce is $84, or $3/gram.

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