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The Tour of IndriVanilla - Deluxe Edition

The Tour of IndriVanilla - Deluxe Edition

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Perfect for the Beanie who has everything! This Deluxe version of our Tour of IndriVanilla includes rare vanilla beans that are only available here, on our retail site, not in our group orders. We now offer two sizes for each of the 8, 6, or 4 variety Deluxe Tours: get a single bean of each variety, or a full ounce of premium vanilla beans, enough to make a cup of vanilla extract.

All varieties will be different from each other and packaged individually so it is clear what they are.  

You can read about each of these bean types by clicking on each bean profile listed above.  Your order will include a QR code that will direct you to the page describing all the beans in this tour.  Here's that link:  You can also visit our profiles page to read about these and all the other beans we offer.

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