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Ugandan Blanket Mittens

Ugandan Blanket Mittens

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Hand-crafted Mittens Made from Ugandan Vanilla Bean Curing Blankets

Vanilla bean curing is a long, intense process, including dipping the beans in scalding water and then immediately wrapping them in heavy blankets to trap in the heat.  In Uganda, these blankets are saved and repurposed as insulation for the beans when they are shipped to us.  We have now repurposed the wool blankets yet again!  We've teamed up with CrystalSquirrel from Etsy, the amazing artist who has hand made each pair of mittens featured here.  The mittens are made from a combination of the wool vanilla bean curing blankets and recycled sweaters, with a soft, warm fleece lining and a button accent.  No two pairs are alike, so you are sure to get a piece that is special and unique, with a history as rich and lovely as the Ugandan vanilla beans that they were wrapped around.

The mittens are multicolored and have a unique fit.  We've grouped them into large, medium and extra-small sizes we call youth.  The youth sizes will best fit on small hands, like pre-teen sizes.  Medium could all be comfortably worn by our adult, all-women bean wrangling team. Large were stretchy and comfortable for even the strongest hands out there. Because they are so varied in color--though there's a lot of jewel-toned cool colors--we can only guarantee size.  If you want to request a color, please drop us an email to, telling us your name and order number.  Thanks!

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