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Vanilla Bean Board

Vanilla Bean Board

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Don't cut or scrape your vanilla beans on the same board you've used for onions or garlic!  When you have a board that you use only for vanilla beans, you won't contaminate your beans with other smells or flavors.  Each board comes with a fabric storage bag to keep it clean and ready for vanilla cutting, scraping or chopping.  The boards are hand crafted from solid maple hardwood (see Limited Edition for other types of wood).  They have been rubbed with a light coating of our vanilla wood balm, made from beeswax and vanilla infused organic fractionated coconut oil.  To keep your board in perfect condition, wash with mild soap and water, then rub in some vanilla wood balm, sold here on

Choose from these variants: regular (approximately 4.5x9 inches); large (approximately 7x10.5 inches) or choose one of the Limited Edition boards.  No two trees are exactly alike, and the same goes for these boards.  Sizes are approximate, and could be plus or minus 1/2 inch.  

Limited Edition will be one-of-a-kind varieties.  We often find a wonderful piece of hardwood that begs to be a Vanilla Bean Board, but doesn't match the hardwood type or size of the others. We will list these here under Limited Edition with a photo, size and hardwood variety in the description.  Check back from time to time to see what there is!

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