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Vanilla sign blocks

Vanilla sign blocks

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These cute blocks will tell everyone how you (or a loved one) feels about vanilla beans! The blocks are pine, painted white in the distressed style, and lettered with black and red vinyl lettering.  Each block has two messages, one on each side - see combinations listed and pictured below. Set them on a table or shelf where everyone can see your love for vanilla beans!  Decorate with just one, or make a collection.  Blocks are 6 inches long, 3.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick.

The options are: 

Option 1: Side 1 - I (heart) Vanilla Beans | Side 2- Vanilla Beans give me Super Powers

Option 2:  Side 1- Vanilla Beans Lighten the Mood | Side 2- Vanilla Beans Lift the Spirit

Option 3: Side 1 - Vanilla Beans Cheer the Heart | Side 2- Vanilla Beans Warm the Soul

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