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Vanilla Lotion Bar

Vanilla Lotion Bar

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After months of research and product testing, we are thrilled to offer these luxurious Lotion Bars! We've infused our coconut oil with real vanilla beans, then added all-natural shea butter, beeswax, and a touch of vitamin E for healthy, soft, supple skin. Be on the lookout for vanilla caviar freckles! The bar melts gently with a little body heat, and then massages into long-lasting, deep moisturization and a hint of sweet vanilla aroma. Our solid Lotion Bars, each embossed with an IndriVanilla flower, come in a tin for easy storage and mess-free transport.  Each bar is approximately 2.5 ounces.

New Variation!  "Just a Touch Mini" is a miniature pocket-sized version of our larger lotion bar.  It is the same lotion bar, but in a 1.5 inch diameter by .75 inch deep tin that you can open and dip into with a finger.  Net weight about half an ounce.

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